Italian  Favorites


All colours of the World

Antipasto Italiano.This colorful dish is our take of an Italian classic. Cold Cuts, Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, Fontina Cheese, marinated Arthichokes and Olives. You can also savor our cold cuts on the Bruschetta Prosciutto or Soppressata


Age of Discovery

Ravioli alla Rucola. One of the most innovative dishes on the menu. It pairs a classic Ravioli filling (Wild Mushrooms and Ricotta) to a modern sauce with sauteed Pungent Arugula, marinated Tomato,Pecorino and Parmesan


Wave energy

Salmone al Miele. The Honey Glazed Salmon is the last addition to our menu and just one of the Seafood options. The Sogliola all'Arancio as well as the Tagiatelle ai Gamberi e Cappesante are also very popular among our costumers


Vegetarian choice

Bocconcini di Seitan al Madeira. We offer many Vegetarian and Vegan choices on our menu. We consider the Seitan the best substitute of animal products because of its taste, texture and versatility


You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our Ristorante is constantly evolving and growing. We...


opened our doors  25 years ago, with a lot of enthusiam, but not a clear understanding of what the local people considered Italian food. Dishes like Risotto or Gnocchi that are now very popular, were back then poorly known and they were very difficult to sell. It did not matter how good or how much we belived on a dish, people simply would not buy it.... little by little we found our groove with a mix of innovative dishes and all time classics.  Every years we introduce new items on our menu, so what's new this year?

We particularly like the Insalata con Broccoli e Parmigiano: charred Broccoli (it's incredible how a little bit of charring can change the Broccoli's flavor)  Parmesan ( to add some saltiness) Croutons and Red Radish in a Lemon/Basil Dressing. Yes the Cesar Salad has evolved?

We are also fond of the Pollo Toscano: Chicken Breast, caramalized Onion, Dijon Mustard, Mushrooms, fresh Thyme and White Truffle Oil. First you smell the Truffle and then this smooth, well balanced sauce intrigues the palate with its fullness.

The menu also feautures a new Salmone al Miele: honey glazed Atlantic Salmon fillet... um um so good... and much more